Embedding 3d Models

Check this out: an embedded 3d model using Sketchfab

This is a shape that I also 3d printed on a Fortus 450:


So anyway what is this shape? It is one of many structures generated by a project I am working on simulated coral/plant-like growth. It is a variation on the coral project but grows a skeleton-like structure instead of a surface. Anyway I am playing around with different ways of sharing the project. Its funny working on a generative project like this. It is unclear how best to communicate it: should it be animation? digital images? 3d prints? Virtual reality scenes? Dunno.

In fact I am not really sure what this project is in a bigger sense. I think it is art, but it might be more like a tool for generative games or film or virtual reality. Or maybe its for exploring new engineering techniques for programming growth systems. Or perhaps it is science, for investigating hypothesis about growth systems in nature. Dunno. More on this stuff soon..

Written on November 22, 2016